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Yesterday's songs

Yesterday’s songs,melodies that make you rememberpast times,other days.Melancholy that cries,nostalgia that shakes your innards,far hours,other nights.Visions almost gone,faces that maybe will not come back,hidden yesterdays,other people.Smiles already lost,kisses washed away by sweat,blurred recollections.other… read more

Why don't you call me?

Why don’t you call me?Why don’t you make my phone ring?I don’t know if you know that I’m up to my neck in shit,that it’s rising,It will rise until it suffocates me.Life would be easier if you’d phone me today,everything would make sense if you’d do it.We could go for a walk and drink some beers,get drunk,kiss and make love.You could sleep at my house,my parents are not here.And if… read more

Dreamer of eternal love

I feel like writing a song today,making it sound so it can reach you,because no-one else matters to me.I haven’t asked for many kisses,but always they have been denied.I cannot find your lips,that flavor of eternity that I’m yearning for.Forsaking all and drowning in you,this is what I want.Sometimes I look at you and I seem to recognize my other half,but you deny it to me.And I want to kiss… read more

Bustling silence

I want to provoke the silence to listen to my machine of life.My insides make the energy of the person that I inhabit.I breathe.The heart makes the red rivers of my being flow.I exist.From my brain burst the words of my voice.I feel.Voice of the soul that I am,of the being that stays on the paper.There’s no silence in this, my world,words make the sound,the bustle of the solitude.And so unt… read more

Like a frightened child

Like a frightened child. Is that bad?Writing SOS messages. Asking for help. Smelling fear. Alone. Looking for shelter. An embrace. A “don’t be silly, Don’t you worry. Tomorrow you’ll laugh at everything”.The bed doesn’t comfort me, spinning. Looking for a way out. Sleep doesn’t come.It’s not easy being fragile.Be a man. Don’t be pathetic. Don’t be a coward. Pick yourself up. read more

Dishonest kisses

Distrust the one who kisses you with eyes open. I do not remember how this advice came to me. We always forget the good advice, and much more when love takes you flying, blinds you. Who is capable of kissing with eyes open when this sense lacks importance? Who is going to give attention to a thing that is not the passion that runs within? I could never think that there was someone like this. read more

The first stone

Difficult to talk through the barrier of respect transgressed.You have to be a saint, maybe an idiot, to forget the insult.Why do we destroy love?We are nothing and we believe we are everything.A finite machine of meat and bone. A set of ideas arranged with selfish whim.Instinct of conservation.He started the animosity, you followed the game. The mechanism warmed up. The game was burning. read more

I love you because…

I love you because when you sleep your beauty rests unattainable,and I want to dwell in your dreams to talk to you of my love.I love you because when you awake I believe I am the owner of your body,and I would like to be the heart that makes your blood flow,move your muscles,feed your skin.I love you because when you are missing my universe is cloudy,and my loneliness seeks to write of you.I lov… read more

Nothing serious

Today is a day to write nothing serious,because today you have to open the soul’s door,let life flow,and life is not serious if you wants to feel it this way.Today is not a day of study and prose,because these control the feelingsthat look for freedom,and the door of the soul needs an anarchic doorman.Today is a day of doing nothing,because nothing is more important than to feel,to let t… read more

Kiss me

Big smile like the blue sky,looks sad and profound like the sea.Hair and sun as equal,delicate gesture,glass dove.Don’t talk me about the past,nothing I want to know.Don’t ask me anything,nothing I want to answer.Just bury your watch in the sandand kiss me,kiss me,kiss me.You know things are not going right outside,and everything is smashed inside.You know we must walk,but now we’re going… read more

It's hot in here

Its hot in here,sitting under the August tree.Hours pass quick through you,looking at the blue of sky.I’m almost drowned by the hot wind of the South,but it doesn’t bother me,I’m ok like this.There are things that killwith the poison of pleasure.There are places that suffocatebut always you want to return.Summer in Seville,where the sun burns more.August in Seville,is something to… read more

It will never be the same

Yesterday I realized that no,not everything that shines is gold.Yesterday I saw in your face that no,it’s not even brass.Looks like a lie and maybe it is,you are not what I imagined,but I tell you that you will lose more.Maybe you will try to change,but my face will never returnto the smile of yesterday.Friendship is something you have to take care of,and when it seems truth can deceive you.And… read more

Policiales (escrito en Rosario, Argentina, en 2004)

Guardo Policiales –así es como los periódicos de aquí llaman a las crónicas de sucesos- desde el día en que llegué, intento de alguna manera alcanzar una visión general de la situación en lo que a seguridad ciudadana se refiere. Es apabullante la cantidad de sucesos que se encuentran entre mis amontonados recortes de papel. Complicado se me hace procesar tanta información. M… read more

Rebuscársela (escrito en Rosario, Argentina, en el 2004)

Está todos los días, la encuentro a la derecha, justo al abrir la puerta de salida a la calle; de pie, casi inmóvil, ligeramente apoyada en la pared junto a la cristalera de la panadería. Parada en el mismo sitio desde el día en que llegué, con una bolsita blanca de plástico colgada del brazo derecho, las manos cruzadas, escondidas en las mangas del pulóver. Pacientemente parece esperar a… read more

¿Es eso el amor?

¿Por qué es necesario el amor?, le preguntó un sabio a otro.No lo sé, pero la soledad no es buena compañera, respondió éste.¿Has sentido alguna vez como te hace estremecer por dentro la sonrisa de una mujer?, le preguntó de nuevo.Sí… ¿es eso el amor?¿Has visto al sol apareciéndose tras el mar en la mañana?Sí… ¿es eso el amor?¿Has observado a la luna clareando la noche más… read more

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