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Fear to love

No one seemed able to
enter his heart again
After that wound
prohibition was the cover of love

Someone wanted to come in sometime
but he always said no.
And this is why…
¿who doesn’t fear pain?

Always blaming his interior complex
“nobody could want such as I”.
Deep inside he was feeling loneliness
was not the solution in his life.
¿who doesn’t fear pain?

A comfortable home and a job he found
although he was still jailed in himself.
Few were calling to his lonely and lost soul,
and yet loneliness
was not a means to an end.
¿who doesn’t fear pain?

Soon came old age and desperation,
wanting to turn back from his terrible mistake,
but it was late and none he found,
only a phrase in the infinite he heard,
someone answering his question:
“Never have fear to love”.

Kiss and skin

Nothing to do with the evil,
it can’t be compared with the fog.
There is something strange that I want to discover,
as if a magnetic mystery was about.

When I see her something is unhinged in me,
and I think that my eyes lie,
but if I lose her I only think about dying.

It would be easier to switch off the moon
with a piece of the sun
that has in her eyes my insatiable ardor.

Nothing to do with God,
you can’t compared mirror and light with kiss and skin.
It is useless to imagine the voice of her heart
if I can’t reach it with a song.

The man who died of love

Once upon a time, in a place not so very far away, there was a man who died of love.
Every morning, early, he would feel a pain in his heart while the sounds of life came in through his window.
The taste of honey and bread and coffee was turning his soul inside out.

He was working for love, giving magic to the street, leaving his skin in the scenario.
He would cry in the evenings, watching the sun falling behind the sea, and the pain would return deep inside.
He would say that the moon knew everything about humans, and when he saw it made him tremble.
Believing to keep a star into a golden casket that was over his table lamp.
He would dream of women’s sweet and tender smiles, but on waking the pain would return deep inside.

Yesterday the crying of the rain caused him too much pain, and he decided to die.
Everyone thought he was mad, but I cover his coffin with flowers every full moon because I know he died of love.

Something goes wrong

You are alone on the path
as mocking destiny.
They lied to you,
they cheated you.

None stand by your side,
and yesterday’s friend
is gone today.

Something goes wrong,
something is broken,
something must be fixed soon.

“You have to laugh at life”,
is what you used to say,
but now life is laughing at you.

They lied to you,
they cheated you,
none stand by your side.

You have to cure,
you have to fix,
you have to start all over again.


She was born without parents’ care,
grew up in a bad family,
too much hurt in her fragile heart.
Little by little the pain broke,
her mind was coming apart,
and no-one wanted to do anything.

They took her to a man in a white coat,
he wanted to cure everything with pills,
but she was still breaking in her dreams.
Too much pain in her fragile heart,
not a friend to embrace,
many hours alone in her solitude.

Too much time to think,
with nothing that can fill the empty space.
Maybe in the bohemia she could find
some release of peace and tranquility.

But there’s no future to this story,
only a false and vain escape.
Too much hurt for Cristina,
empty and hollow found in this society.

Yesterday I saw her begging for compassion in the street,
Aids, drugs and filth
will carry her into death.
And who cares…


One more night waiting
for something new to happen,
another day finished
and nothing has changed.
Something is wrong,
something doesn’t work,
don’t know what is happening,
neither how to fix it.

I confuse myself,
I do not find hope,
and I hide,
seeking words.

I go back home
and nobody speaks,
not even a single glance.
How many hours wasted
anticipating this homecoming.

How many things I did for her,
all worth nothing.
I must keep on walking,
though it is hard to forget her.

Maybe the time will give me
a way out,
any little space,
a flame that can light my life.
Something is wrong,
something doesn’t work,
it is a mania I can’t shake off.

I heard yesterday that she has found love again,
though I know she hasn’t forgotten me,
and although my pride is wounded,
I’m still waiting for her.

How many things I did for her,
and worth for nothing.
Only my walk remains,
though it is hard to forget her.

Kiss me

Big smile like the blue sky,
looks sad and profound like the sea.
Hair and sun as equal,
delicate gesture,
glass dove.

Don’t talk me about the past,
nothing I want to know.
Don’t ask me anything,
nothing I want to answer.
Just bury your watch in the sand
and kiss me,
kiss me,
kiss me.

You know things are not going right outside,
and everything is smashed inside.
You know we must walk,
but now we’re going to stop.

And let me breath deep the sea air,
and kiss me,
kiss me,
kiss me.

Please kiss me.

I will escape

The rope stretches,
hanging I am,
almost falling.
Trapped like a fish,
I am again,
But looking for a hole in the net
I will escape,
I will live.
Me they will not catch,
me they will not trap
their hands when I fall.

Today I can run,
without nails in my feet,
none will grab me by the neck,
and I will return,
I will return to your heart,
free like a cyclone.

I will escape,
I will live.
Me they will not catch,
me they will not trap
their hands when I fall.

You have to see,
what price can be paid
for a piece of freedom
when you are on the edge.
I will spit the face of the evil.
I’ll break through my fear again…
I will escape,
I will live.
Me they will not catch,
me they will not trap
their hands when I fall.

Make yourself
a concrete house,
much stronger than God.
I will escape,
I will live.
Me they will not catch,
me they will not trap
their hands when I fall.

It will never be the same

Yesterday I realize that no,
not everything that shines is gold.
Yesterday I saw in your face that no,
It’s not even brass.
Looks like a lie and maybe it is,
you are not what I imagined,
but I tell you that you lose more.

Maybe you will try to change,
but my face will never return
to the smile of yesterday.
Friendship is something you have to take care of,
and when it seems truth can deceive you.
And no,
it will never be the same.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll see you somewhere
and remember something about you.
Tomorrow I will forget when we played
to be passengers of the same boat.
And do not forget that your pride
is worth nothing,
only to be drown you in it.
And no,
it never will be the same.

It’s hot in here

Its hot in here,
sitting under the August tree.
Hours pass quick through you,
looking at the blue of sky.
I’m almost drowned by the hot wind of the South,
but it doesn’t bother me,
I’m ok like this.

There are things that kill
with the poison of pleasure.
There are places that suffocate
but always you want to return.

Summer in Seville,
where the sun burns more.
August in Seville,
is something to keep.
I’m ok here,
I’m ok here,
I’m ok here.

It’s hot in here,
although night has fallen.
Looks like the rain has lost
the keys of its car.
Old women leant out
of the balconies to breath,
old men fill themselves
with beer in every bar.
I’m ok here,
I’m ok here,
I’m ok like this.