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‘Multiple abilities. A Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes approach’ -talk given for the Lapidus weekend, on 5-6th October 2013, Bristol (UK)-

Manu Rodríguez October 2013 ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’ Stephen Hawking BRIEF AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTES I was born in Sevilla in 1967, in a modest and traditional family. My mum was a primary school teacher and my dad a policeman. I was the first of four brothers and a sister. This might sound like a regular story but the peculiarity is that my father´s father, and my… read more

My hero in an endless journey of self discovery

Taking the idea from ‘The writer’s journey’ by Christopher Vogler, I suppose that if I consider the act of writing as a journey I could say that to me writing seems like an endless journey of self discovery. Every time I put pen to a blank page of paper, or fingers over the computer keys, I start travelling. I travel through myself, travel through my understanding of that part of me that I… read more

Not just for the sake of beauty, is all about freedom

I have been writing, drafting and redrafting hundreds of pieces of poetry and prose. To me, as I usually intend to do as a writer, the main intention for creating these pieces is not to create beauty for the sake of it but to explore, organise and put a certain order to my thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as to understand myself as a whole and to value the fact that I am alive, to b… read more

What makes a good listener: A brief essay about listening as a way of helping

In social conversations (at parties, at work, in group meetings; with friends, family and relatives…) we talk and listen, discuss and tell our opinion. Then we share points of views and concerns that are relevant for the participants. In a helping conversation the act of communication must change and ‘active listening’ is what matters. Then the other is the one to listen to with in-dept… read more

How can I?

How can I find my YES How can I find my NO How can I find my THAT’S ALL RIGHT How can I find my THAT’S WRONG The GOOD ones, I mean The GOOD ones I should know Like a leaf knows its sprig Like a tree knows its roots Where can I find my TIME Where can I find my PLACE Where can I find my LAND Where can I find my HOME The REAL ones, I mean The REAL I should stay on Like a child knows his mum Lik… read more

If I don’t work

If I don’t work My tools get rusty My body is anxious My mind depressed And I’m lost If I don’t write My hands get numb My heart stops My soul dries And I’m going… read more

A stranger, anyway

Reflecting on my history, it’s not so long ago that I wrote in my notebook that ‘I’ve been growing like a transplanted plant’. I want to come back to this idea now. My seed was sown, and germinated in one land. Then, uprooted twice. And then, taken back to the original soil. But it was not the same as before, it couldn’t be… So one day, feeling trapped and isolated, a stranger in my… read more

Cherry Coke

That small grocery shop beside the School of Communication That ham, and fresh slices of tomato, in a bollo sandwich That bar ‘La Parrapa’ That woman behind it with that masculine energy That dream of mine Those Cherry Cok… read more

Sand castles by the seashore

Sand castles by the seashore My sick and deformed body The salt and iodine on the skin The sticky suntan cream protection The rubber ring The waves of that enormous universe And the powerful sun, toasting the bodies toasting it all And mum and dad always looking after taking care The marine heat The sea The sand Sand everywhere The towel was never clean The sun umbrella The chairs And then back… read more

Fly more wisely

A voice I hear that voice That voice that tells me what to do That voice that pushes me out That is growing, gathering experience, getting old with me. It’s a shame one learns how to really live only when one is getting older. Life should give you the opportunity to live backwards. And yet fly more wisely. read more

SHE impressed me

We wanted to be together, and we needed advice. I knew that if we married everything would be solved. And by everything I mean papers, bureaucracy, and the right to stay together by law. She was Latin-American, and I was European. I was a legal immigrant, with all the rights on my side. She wasn’t. But I didn’t want to marry, and much less because someone obliged me. It’s not that I… read more

My life, this is just to say…

This is just to say I want you Maybe not in the best way, with enough understanding, wisdom and know how. This is just to say I need you, with your misery and magnanimity, bad and good times And the struggle to find the beauty of every day. This is just to say I’m proud of you Although sometimes I ask you for too much, other times for too little, and other times for nothing, almost forgetting… read more

El flujo de la vida

‘Esto es una estación de trenes. Nadie para.’ Me dijo un trabajador que se dio cuenta de mi torpeza y me notó algo perdido. Y llega el tren. Subo, encuentro un sitio, me siento e intento relajarme. Miro a través de la ventana y veo lo que dejo atrás. Cosas, gente… Y entonces intento olvidar el pasado. Intento olvidar la pérdida. Uno olvida. Y es cierto que olvidará de nuevo. Porqu… read more

The flow of life

‘This is a train station. No one stops’, he said to me. And the train arrives. I get on, I find a place, I sit and try to relax. I look through the window and see what I am leaving behind. Things, people… And then I try to forget the past. And I try to forget the loss. One forgets. And for sure, will again. Because one always forgets. And then one learns, carrying oneself on. Me and myself. read more

Blue (loss)

I’m looking at my jeans. The longing and frustration contained within. These sky blue jeans that time is wasting. Is time leaving me with the same washed out look? The ashtray is full. I’m smoking too much, not clearing away the butts. I need to pour some water on the plant. The television screen needs dusting. I’m gonna sort my cd collection, put them in chronological order maybe. That… read more

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